To provide better primary care for members, POLMED has established a national General Practitioner (GP) Network. The GP Network is made up of doctors who will charge a POLMED rate, with no co-payments. We urge you to consult with these doctors if there is one in your area.

Should members continue to consult with a GP not on the POLMED Network, members are responsible for any difference in fees charged by the GP and the fees paid by POLMED.  

Out-of-network GP consultations
1. Member is entitled to two (2) out-of-network consultations.

2. The two consultations will be paid at the GP Network rate for 2011.

3. If the member consults more than the two consultations, the third consultation will be paid at non-network GP rate for 2011.

Please note: Members have a maximum number of GP consultations/visits per family per year. If the consultations/visits are exhausted, claims submitted will be rejected for payment and members will be liable to pay.

POLMED GP Network Contact Details
POLMED has enabled members to search for doctors on the GP Network in their area by using the GP Search function.

Alternatively, please contact the POLMED Client Services Department on 0860 765 633 to obtain the relevant POLMED GP Contact Details list.  

POLMED Network News and other important information
Please visit the full POLMED website at http://www.polmed.co.za/ to view and download the current and past edition of POLMED Network News and to learn more about the 2011 POLMED General Practitioner (GP) tariffs.

POLMED Provider Network  
POLMED provides General Practitioners (GPs) and Psychiatrists with the opportunity to register to the POLMED Provider Network. GPs need to be nominated by their patients in order to participate on the Network.